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There are a lot of differences between exploring wildlife in zoological parks and watching them in their natural habitat. The real essence of getting close to the wilderness is in exploring them in their natural habitat. This 14day wildlife travel package in India has all that it takes to build a never-ending gallery of memories for you. This wildlife tour will unfold the rich history and outstanding surroundings of some famous locations. Starting with Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra that you will visit to explore the wildlife that imprints an excellent blend of culture and moving experience.

Moving on further in the tour, there are well-known ancient places in Mumbai, Khajuraho, and others that will give you all the right reasons to discover this part of the country. To simplify it for you, if you are a tourist looking to explore verdant forests in India along with the wildlife sanctuaries, then this tour package is the source code for you. To seek complete adventure, you will be given a tour of the elaborate spread of Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, and Kanha.

So if you are one of the individuals looking to travel amidst wild creations and beautiful beasts, then check out some of the tour highlights for in-depth details.

tour-OverviewTour Highlights

Planning a wildlife safari takes the experience from people who have already been there. However, you can rely on our travel package to help you look at nature and wild animals in a different way altogether.

  • The Golden Triangle- Delhi, Jaipur, Agra to exploring famous locations and historic monuments like the Taj Mahal and more.
  • Captures the beauty of wild beasts in a jeep tour to Ranthambore National Park, Bandhavgard Animal Sanctuary, Kanha Reserve, etc.
  • Enjoy Jungle safari and overnight stay in National Parks, sanctuaries and reserves.
  • Famous prehistoric temples in Jhansi, Khajuraho, Jaipur, and more.
  • Soothing road trips and en-route visit FatehpurSikri- a famous UNESCO World heritage Site
  • Absorb the esthetics of Mumbai, its food, monuments and hilltops.

These tour highlights will only give you a glimpse of astonishing wildlife that the National Parks and Sanctuaries has to offer, for complete information and enlarged picture, check out the itinerary for the best wildlife travel package in India.

tour-OverviewTour Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Delhi

The brilliant tour of Delhi starts with the visit to the Raj Ghat along with the famous Mahatma Gandhi museum. ChandiChowk has endless varieties of food, clothing, jewelry, and craft at affordable price range will spoil you with choices. The charm of this place stays alive because of its marvelous architecture and extended market place inside Red Fort. The old Delhi visit is incomplete without seeing the prehistoric Jama Masjid and the astonishing QutubMinar which is known as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Your sightseeing will come to an end at the India Gate where you can also see the Humayun’s tomb. To summarize the day, you will drive past the Parliament House along with other Government Secretarial Buildings and Lakshmi Narayan Temple. The arrangement for an overnight stay is at the Hotel in Delhi.

Day 2

Delhi to Jaipur

The second day will start with a delightful road journey of 271km to Jaipur. The journey will take you around 5 hours to reach keeping the traffic in mind; this Pink City is famous for its ancient architecture and authentic Rajasthani cuisine. There won’t be any issues related to transport because you will have an AC car at your service. In order to explore some unique tradition, you will be taken to Galtaji which is a famous Hindu Pilgrimage to visit Balaji temple, Sun Temple and Ram Gopal Ji temple where you will be surprised to see huge number of monkeys gathering around the temple most of the time. This place is also famous because of an old tradition where devotees dip themselves in the water of GaltaKund, enjoy an overnight stay in Jaipur to recharge yourself for the next morning.

Day 3


The second day in Jaipur is planned around a number of famous locations. The tour starts with a visit to Amber fort with the help of a jeep or an exciting elephant ride. To add to the brilliance of the place, you will also visit Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Sheesh Mahal, and SukhNiwas.

After climbing down from the hilltop, you will be taken to the famous Maharaja City Palace, JantarMantar, and HawaMahal. The locations after that will be an amazing place to buy souvenirs, places like Pink Rose Garden, and other markets where you can buy ghagracholi, silver and kundan jewelry, bandhani fabric, and unique silk paintings that can be gifted to friends and family. Recharge yourself with an overnight stay in a hotel in Jaipur.

Day 4

Jaipur- Ranthambore

Your exceptional wildlife tour starts from this place where you will be taken to Ranthambore from Jaipur which is nearly at a distance of 151km by road. The excitement can go above the troposphere when you visit the Ranthambore National Park; this place is very famous due to its Indian tigers, nilgai, leopard, wild boar, spotted deer, and more. The surrounding of Ranthambore fort is even more beautiful where you can take a peek into the lazing crocodiles, lizards, and many other wild creatures. It sure will give a lot of special moments for you to capture. This tour will end with the overnight stay at a hotel in the Ranthambore National Park itself.

Day 5


The following morning in Ranthambore, You can go for a top canter safari which will be with a group of thirty people or you can choose the tour of six people on an open top van. This place has multiple trees, different varieties of plants, reptiles and many more interesting things to look at.

There is exclusivity in this place where you can visit the Ranthambore by car through PadamTalao, which is the largest lake surrounded by ancient trees. This park is huge and you can explore the wilderness within its city limits. Visit the famous temples of Ganesh, Shiva, Ramlalaji, Lord Sumatinath, and Sambhavanath. Overnight stay will be in a hotel in Ranthambore National Park.

Day 6

Ranthambore Agra via Fatehpur Sikri

The next morning will start with a road journey to Fatehpur Sikri by covering 228km. This place has an amazing architecture for you to witness, which was built in the Mughal Civilization. You will be able to see Jama Masjid, Tomb of SalimChishti, and BulandDarwaza which is locally known as Horseshoe gate. After absorbing the beauty of this historic place and a few other places like IbadatKhana, Mariam-uz-Zamani’s palace, NaubatKhana, you will be taken to Agra.

The journey to Agra will be by road to cover a distance of around 36 km within 40 minutes. The main journey will begin the next day and the day you arrive at Agra can be spent to explore the surrounding. These markets stock some of the amazing leather goods, paintings, handcrafts, and much more which you can buy as a souvenir. Enjoy an overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 7

Tour of must see places in Agra

Agra will be one of the most memorable places of your trip. The beauty of the Taj Mahal will mesmerize you to the core. If you want to witness the real beauty of the place, visit Taj Mahal either during sunrise or in the evening before sunset to experience the magic. This symbol of love will compel you to capture its beauty in a photograph. The Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Queen Mumtaz Mahal. After visiting the Taj Mahal, you can make your way to Agra fort which is built in a 2.5 km lane stretch beside the Yamuna River. There are other places for you to visit in that area like, KhasMahal, Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, and more which will give you a splendid example of monumental and structural beauty. Recharge yourself with an overnight stay in a comfortable hotel in Agra.

Day 8


This location will be another connecting day for building an everlasting memory. After a train journey to Jhansi from Agra, you will be taken to Khajuraho by road which is around 175 km away. You will be able to explore the excellent sculptures, which is considered a symbol of everlasting physical love. When you visit the temples made by Nagara and Chandelas, the prehistoric architecture will give you a feel of walking down the ancient era of 950AD to 1050 AD. You can have yourself recharged with the overnight stay in Khajuraho.

Day 9

Khajuraho- Bandhavgarh

The first half of the day in Khajuraho, visitChaunset Yogini Kali Temple, Chitragupta temple, and other monumental beauty that explains the rich sculpture love of prehistoric era. It is also one of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are few Jain temples like, Lakshmana Temple, Mahadev Temple, Vishwanath Temples, Parasvanath Temple, which are equally beautiful to look at.

The second half of the day will be full of adventure where you will be taken to the Bandhavgarh Animal Sanctuary. This place is well-known for its ancient caves which have Brahmi script inscriptions along with the embossed figures of tigers, elephants, horsemen and more. Before sunset, you can also explore the wildlife of the area and end the day with an overnight stay at the lodge in Bandhavgarh National Park.

Day 10

Bandhavgarh Reserve

This day will become more interesting when you leave for the Bandhavgarh jungle safari in the jeep. If you love the raw wilderness, you will enjoy the view of this jungle which is home to a large number of tigers, leopards, along with some different species of deer like barking deer, spotted deer, sambar, nilgai, wild boar, and more.

If you love bird watching, then get ready to explore more than 250 species of birds, you will be able to spot a large number of butterflies, reptiles in the dense bamboo trees. There is a core zone in Bandhavgarh National Park, which are called, Tala, Magadhi, Khitauli, and Panpatta. Stay in a lodge in Bandhavgarh National Park.

Day 11

Bandhavgarh to Kanha

Kanha is around 215 km away from Bandhavgarh, after arrival you will get some time to rest in the jungle resort and get back to explore Kanha National Park. Whether you love wildlife photography or don’t, the forests surrounded by lush Sal trees will compel you to capture the beauty of dense leaves and hidden birds. You can enter the Kanha National Sanctuary from any three gates which are Kisli, Mukki and Serai on a jeep to discover the wild beasts like Bengal tiger, spotted deer, Sambhar, Nilgai, Barasingha and more. This adventurous day will come to an end at night with an overnight stay at the Kanha National Park.

Day 12

Kanha Reserve

The tour of the Kanha Reserve will start in the morning where you will be able to discover the wildlife of that area better. Be ready with your cameras to capture the feral beauty of Spot fox, Sloth Bear, Hynes, Tiger, Leopard, Jungle cats, and many other ferocious wildlife. In between all this, you cannot help but notice the tall sal trees, dense bamboo plants, and grasslands.

This place is home to over 200 species flowering plants and 70 species of trees, to begin with. If you think you have had enough, then wait to explore more wildlife that includes Blackbuck Sambhar, Swamp Deer, Python, Cobra, Grass snakes, turtles, etc. The overnight stay is at the park, you can also interact with the natives of the place to know more interesting facts. Relax after a long day in a resort for an overnight stay.

Day 13

Kanha Nagpur by road and flight for Mumbai

After exploring all in the wildlife safari, you will be taken to Nagpur airport by road which is 267 km away to get to Mumbai by flight. The arrival in Mumbai can be tiring, but your hotel stay will give you some time to settle, after which this captivating city awaits your exploration. Mumbai is the financial capital of India and has seven archipelago islands, like Colaba, Old Women’s Island, Parel, Matunga-Sion, Mazagaon, and Mahim. These places are some of the famous tourist locations. Apart from these few places, there are many shopping destinations, museums, heritage spots to visit, that makes Mumbai one of the most preferred places for tourists. Recharge yourself with an overnight stay in Mumbai.

Day 14

Tour of must see places in Mumbai and later departure

Starting with the Hanging Garden which is situated in the beautiful Malabar Hills, you will also explore Kamla Nehru Park. Explore Mani Bhawan, Prince of Wales Museum and the very famous Gateway of India.If there’s no shortage of the time, then you can take a ride through the long stretch of Marine lanes, also see the Flora Fountains along with the busy Crawford market. Make some time to visit Elephant Caves which is very close to the Mumbai Harbor, another famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This day brings your wildlife travel package in India to a closure. However, these 14 days will give you everlasting memories to cherish for life.

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