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Come across the rural life in Rajasthan

In case you wish to know about the lifestyle of rural people, you must check out our range of Rajasthan Village tours. It is a well-known fact that Rajasthan is rich in culture and heritage. Similarly, it has the most amusing customs and traditions. Nothing could be better than the villages of Rajasthan to witness all this. Although modernization has taken over the lives of people, the villages of Rajasthan seem to be completely unaffected. You can experience an alternate way of living by visiting these little towns. You will be able to observe traditional handicrafts, cottage industries and farming in these villages. Not only the lifestyle, cuisine and clothing differ in rural areas as compared to urban areas but are also different among villages. Most of the villages are settled near the major cities in Rajasthan. One must visit villages to have a remarkable experience and to catch a glimpse of the diversity and peculiarity of the state.

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Once you must visit villages to get a remarkable experience

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If you need to see the village colour of India – you should travel the beautiful and small villages of Rajasthan is much the same as unfurling the great old time of Indian culture, conventions, and traditions. Village Tour of Rajasthan is the only way to explore the existence of Rajasthani people who live on the adamant beat of nature. These individuals live cheerfully on the rugged landscapes and appreciate an extraordinary way of life that most likely adds shading to the village’s way of life...

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