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Go on an adventurous spree in Rajasthan

If you think that Rajasthan is just about history and culture, you are not right this time. Rajasthan has a plethora of activities to give you some spine-tingling feels. Not one or two but it has a number of activities in which you can indulge during the Rajasthan tour and make the most of your vacations. One can try his hands on hot air ballooning, paragliding, parasailing and ziplining at different places in the state - all of which are the best options to have some mesmerizing views of the surroundings. Furthermore, you can also partake in desert activities like camel safari, camping and dune bashing. In case you have still not found the activity of your choice, you can opt for trekking or cycling. Since Rajasthan has several lakes and national parks, one can also enjoy water sports and wildlife spotting in the town. All of these activities are promising enough to make your holidays memorable.


Camel and Desert Safari

Explore the amazing sand dunes of the Thar Desert through this unique experience.

Camel and Desert Safari

If you are in Rajasthan and don’t experience Camel and Desert Safari, then you skipped the most important recreation in Rajasthan. The great Thar desert welcomes you to have a tour around it sitting on those giant and cute camels who indeed would turn your time into a best memorable experience. You can have a Desert Safari on camel and jeep, and both will give you a pleasurable experience.

The desert safari is truly an unforgettable life experience especially if you are in a group, it would be more fun. You can take a look at the expanding Thar desert from the camel’s back, you can night stay and can have a mesmerizing celestial experience of the night sky sleeping under the canopy of twinkling stars, along with a youthful and joyful singing and dancing entertainment around bonfire. You can also get a chance to stay and spend the whole night with those people who reside in the villages nearby or in the desert and can have a delicious traditional Rajasthani meal. You can feel the positive vibe and absolute contentment by spending some time talking to those people and knowing more about their culture, tradition, livelihood and so on.

You can feel the liveliness of the Thar desert in the eyes and smile of those little kids and people which will change your perspective and turn your whole experience into a life changing experience. Here are some ways you can have a best Camel and desert safari in Rajasthan. You can experience desert and camel safari in most of the cities near the Thar desert, but the aforementioned locations might me easy for your convenience.

The desert safari includes:

  • Camping :

    A splendid experience indeed! All the tents placed in a circular manner surrounding a bonfire in the middle of the circle or the beautification done by the lighting is breathtaking in true sense. You will get entertained by the joyful music and dance done by some experience and youthful artists.

    The food is cooked there, and you will have an amazing dining experience under the twinkling stars that will give you a feel of eating in a restaurant without bounded by any wall and roof.

  • Jeep Safari:

    Jeep safari is another amazing thrilling experience you can get a chance to do in Rajasthan. It wouldn't be that much fun to sit comfortably in your car and look around from the windows, rather the jeep safari is there to take you in a best desertic endeavor. It will take you to some outreach location in the Thar desert and beautiful oasis. You can also explore the whole city with a jeep safari and places other than desert as it provides you with multiple options to choose from. However, experiencing and exploring the desert and its panoramic beauty in a Jeep safari is inexplicable.

  • Camel Safari :

    When we hear the name Rajasthan, at once, the picture of those silent and giant camels walking on the desert come to our mind. Yes, if you are in Rajasthan, you should not forget to have a Camel Safari in the desert as it is truly amazing in itself. Riding on the back of a camel is quite smooth and the movement of your body as it moves forward through the sand dunes is pretty remarkable. The cameleer will hold the stripe of the camel and let you experience the scenic beauty of the desertic landscape. He will cook a delicious meal for you and after having your food, you will again move forwards to explore more on the camel’s back. The night stay, that comes along with a spectacular view of zillions of dazzling stars in the clear sky, is quite an experience that only can be felt best in real.


Cycling Through the Royal State

A healthy and unique way to explore the majestic state of Rajasthan.

Cycling Through the Royal Rajthan
  • Entry Fee : Yes.
  • Location : All over Rajasthan.
  • Entry Timing : Not specified.
  • Approx visit duration :Few days with several stops.
  • Top attractions : Rural back roads combined with historical forts and palaces.

The best way to explore the essence of the royal heritage of the state is explored through cycling. Riding across the state and touring with a group of enthusiasts gives one a lifetime experience. People from around the world come to try the thrill and fun filled activities involved with the tour.

Cycling through the state has received a lot of recognition and has become popular among the travelling crowd. The cycling ride tour in the crowded streets of Rajasthan filled with local culture and flavors, is breathtaking. Visiting the village, getting deep into conversation with the local crowd, diving into the aura of the rich heritage and their tales from the past, observing the historic archeological sites and affluent past make a great touring package.

Tour Details

Various groups arrange cycling in the region and people usually start the amazing ride from Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Bikaner. Jaipur or better known as the Pink City of India, takes the cycling tour in the interiors of the city. The pink city helps you embrace the traditional culture and alluring surroundings to the fullest.

A bike tour is the most different and an out-of-the-box idea when compared to the regular tour groups of India. It is the most peaceful as well as stress-free way to enjoy your holiday. A ride away from the hustle of the city and chaos that comes with the urban crowd helps your nerves relax and rejuvenate.

A city bike tours give a local perspective to the visitor. You are able to step into the shoes of the local residents of the city or district and tend to adapt their way of life and living. India is a land of legends and stories. The Tales can be of heroic kings and stories of some of the greatest wars ever fought. From all the horror as well as the legendary tales, the travelers get to invest their time in exploring the reality of the State.


You get to travel across the historical monuments like the HawaMahal, Govind Dev Ji Temple, Ajmeri Gate, and the amazing Albert Hall Museum. Pedaling your energy and enthusiasm across the city borders is something that every traveler should experience once in their lifetime.


Jeep safari in Rajasthan

Experience the majestic beasts in the wilderness of Rajasthan.

Jeep safari in Rajasthan

Among the many facets of the mesmerising Rajasthan is the jeep safari. In the midst of the white and golden sands that are the building blocks of the grand and historic castle and palaces of Rajasthan is one of the most alluring adventurous activities of all, the jeep safari. If one is short of time and requires a quick tour of the beautiful scenic views, palaces and wildlife sanctuaries, then the jeep safari is the best option available. It is not only readily available but is also safe and comfortable. The jeep safari not only takes one on a tour of the scenic views, but it also connects one to the nature, and tells one the story and the history of the venue.

Places to Visit

The most popular cities in Rajasthan for jeep safaris are Ranthambore, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, and the Shekhawati Regions. The Ranthambore National Park is not just a wildlife sanctuary; it is the home to various exotic and rare species of both flora and fauna. One of the most activities in the wildlife sanctuary includes the jungle safari. The jungle safari can be carried out by both sitting on animals such as camels and elephants, or it can also be carried out by sitting in a comfortable jeep.

Though the instances of viewing a rare species of an animal are sublime, there are various other animals that form an important part of the sanctuary. The next is the jeep safari in Jaisalmer. Sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer are a mirage in the golden sands. It provides not only jeep safaris in the vast desert but also overnight stays in the desert in traditional tents. Next are the safaris in the Kumbalgarh wildlife sanctuary. One tends to experience an exotic time during the safari through the jungle. The best part of these safaris is that such safaris are one of a kind and cannot be experienced anywhere else in the country. They are like the special gems of Rajasthan that become Rajasthan a unique state.

Other Details

The fees of the jeep safaris depend from venue to venue and from distance to distance. There is not a specific time to visit Rajasthan to experience the jeep safaris as they are readily available throughout the year. The safaris not only encompass the jungle safaris but also include tours of ancient ruins, temples, forts and various rural spheres of Rajasthan.


Rajasthan Paragliding

Indulge in the adrenaline pumping adventure of Paragliding in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Paragliding

You always have heard of Rajasthan as the land of Maharajas and the land of royal treatment, you also might have heard it by the name of the royal state of India. Well, it sure does have a number of palaces, museums, world heritage sights, and is certainly known for the royal treatment that one experiences there. But the state is not just confined to the beauty of palaces and the royal treatment, it also does have a lot more than that. Rajasthan in recent years has also become famous for the adventure sports activities that it has to offer in various parts of the state. It has not been a major attraction, but it surely has been a factor for major tourist attraction. Among all the other activities, Rajasthan even does have paragliding as one of its major activities.

Some of the places where paragliding takes place in the state are:

  • Jodhpur :

    Paragliding in Jodhpur is a really delighting experience, flying in the air whilst getting to enjoy one of the most alluring sights in the world is an entirely different and once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are many famous paragliding companies in the city of Jaipur that host this adventure sport. These companies are run by professionals with a valid license and with the usage of all the necessary safety equipment that is essential for the activity to take place. Individuals right from the age of 6 to the age of 84 can enjoy this activity with proper guidance and safety equipment.

  • Jaipur :

    The pink city of the state is also not far behind when it comes to paragliding the state. Even they have a number of companies that offer this adventure sport of paragliding. The companies that offer these adventure sports also do have a number of other adventure sports along with them, combined packages of the esports can be attained at a much cheaper price than an individual activity. One of such companies that host this adventure sports is a company named ‘Skyventures’, they happen to be professionals when it comes to paragliding. More details about the same can be obtained on the internet.

  • Jaisalmer :

    The city famous for its deserts and the appealing sand dunes is also known for the adventure sport of paragliding. Paragliding in the open skies of Jaisalmer while enjoying the view of the sand dunes formed beneath in the desert is a truly enticing experience and one that you certainly might want to try if you are in Jaisalmer. There are numerous companies in the city that conduct this adventure activity, details and reservations about the same can be attained on the internet. The companies here also have combined packages of multiple adventure sports that they have to offer, and these packages can be bought at a cheaper rate if pre-booked.

    The cost of paragliding in Rajasthan does vary from city to city and the type of paragliding that one chooses to indulge in. There even might be group discounts or pre-booking discounted rates.


Rajasthan Trekking

Enjoy the beautiful sights of Rajasthan in a different way.

Rajasthan Trekking

Rajasthan might be a world-famous destination known for its desert and the royal palaces that are there in every part of the state. But it turns out that the state is not just famous for that, it is even famous for other activities and Trekking just happens to be one of those activities. There are several good trekking spots in the state that most of the people are unaware of. There even are specific tours in Rajasthan that are just dedicated to trekking in the state. Amongst the many good spots that are there in the state

Some of the best spots known for trekking:

  • The Aravalli’s :

    The Aravalli’s situated in the northwestern region of the country. It is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the entire country and not just in the country but in the world itself. These ranges now fall in the category of semi-deciduous forests. The vegetation of these ranges makes these ranges an ideal spot for the trekkers to explore. Whilst on a trek in these ranges the trekkers can also have a look at the amazing flora and fauna that the mountain ranges have. The flora and fauna of the mountain ranges even include some of the rare species. There are several trek companies and organizations that organize frequent treks to these mountain ranges.

  • Difficulty :

    The difficulty of this trek can be termed as moderate and even beginners can opt for it with a little extra effort.

  • Kumbhalgarh :

    This is amongst the most heard names across the world when it comes to trekking. This is not just trekking on the mountain, as atop the mountain, resides the gigantic fort Kumbhalgarh. The fort is a beautifully built historic fort that holds a great significance. It is one of the fortresses built by the very famous Maharana Pratap centuries ago. There are many treks that happen to this fort, these are overnight treks and one-day treks as well. The packages of these treks are at a very nominal rate.

  • Difficulty :

    The difficulty of this trek is from easy to moderate.

  • Udaipur :

    This city of Rajasthan does possess a number of fine palaces and royal heritage sites, but it also is a famous spot for trekking that is unknown to many. There are a number of treks that happen in the city of Udaipur. All these treks range from one-day treks to overnight treks under a sky full of stars. One can get to see the countryside of Rajasthan and explore many unknown facts by the state whilst on this trek.

  • Difficulty :

    The difficulty of these treks ranges from easy to tough.

  • Ranakpur :

    This might be a less-heard name by the masses but as it turns out, it is amongst the best trekking spots in Rajasthan. There are the mountain ranges and the countryside of the state that one can get a nice look of when trekking on these ranges. There are many treks that organized by many companies for here, they are overnight, as well as, one-day treks. There also is a famous Jain temple on the spot of trekking that one can get a look of.

  • Difficulty :

    Moderate to hard is the difficulty of this trek.


Ziplining in Rajasthan

Soak in the amazing experience of ziplining and get a bird’s eye view of this amazing state.

Ziplining in Rajasthan

Ziplining is amongst the most popular activities in the whole of the world. It is an experience of touching the sky and flying on with a rope as the support. The thrill of the sport has made it renowned worldwide. Rajasthan is a famous tourist destination and is known across the world for its desert sand, its royal treatment, and the beautiful palaces that are found in every corner of the state. The state is a major attraction for the national as well as, the foreign tourists. There are several places in the state of Rajasthan that have started the activity of Ziplining, and it seems to attract the tourists with everything else.

Pushkar :

This is one of the most famous destinations in Rajasthan and it has a number of attractions and Ziplining just happens to be one of them.

  • Timing : The timings of the activity in the weekdays from Monday to Sunday at the spot are from 9:30 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening. The timings of the activity in the weekend on Saturday and Sunday are from 9:30 in the morning to 8:30 in the evening. There are special packages that the organization has to offer for the activity, more details about the same can be obtained on the spot.

They also offer a special discount on the packages in the season with activities that they have to offer.

Jaipur :

The Pink City of the state has this activity that has proved to be one of the major attractions in recent times over everything else. The activity is situated right in Kukas the hills of Aravalli where the entire activity is of minutes and is on a height of feet from the ground. This activity is carried out by the professionals in the field and is done keeping all the safety measures in the picture.

  • Timing : The timings of this activity in Jaipur is from 9:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening all the 7 days in a week.

There also are special packages that the organization offers and in the current season there is a massive discount that is being offered. More details about the same can be obtained on the spot at the location.

Jaisalmer :

This is probably the best ziplining that is offered in the whole of Rajasthan. One can enjoy the view of the desert sand whilst being in the sky ziplining. The exact location of this activity in Jaisalmer is in the Sam Dunes in Jaisalmer. The length of the activity is 70 feet long and it is at a height of 250 meters from the ground.

  • Timing :The timings of this activity in the Sam Dunes is from 10:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening. There are special packages that they offer along with the other activities that they have to offer, the complete package of all the activities can be obtained at a cheaper rate than the individual activity. They even do have a special provision where the kids can enjoy the activity with safety measures and a smaller rope.

Sports and Adventures in Rajasthan

Have a different experience that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Sports and Adventures in Rajasthan

The topography of Rajasthan is quite diverse ranging from the giant Thar desert to the Aravalli mountain range. The terrains facilitate you to experience some quite adventurous sports and recreations. The memory you will gather by indulging yourself in those activities will be everlasting and revitalizing whenever you remember them.

These are some sports and adventures you can get a chance to experience while you be in Rajasthan.

Hot Air Ballooning

  • Location : Jaipur & Pushkar.
  • Best time : Depends on better weather condition in terms of wind flow.

Nothing would be more amazing than flying under the sky and experiencing the vast landmass of Rajasthan from a bird’s eye view. It is one of the most popular sports in Rajasthan and many of the travel enthusiasts who love to experience some adventurous activities like the Hot Air Ballooning may find this destination matched with their desire. So, if you want to experience an unforgettable panoramic view flying above the ground passing all those lakes, fort and palaces, desert landmass, then this is a must- do sport while you are in Rajasthan.


  • Location :Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Bikaner & Jodhpur.
  • Best time : Summer and Winter except the monsoon season.

Parasailing which is also known as parascending or parakiting is a fun and adventurous recreational kiting sport that one should experience when they are in Rajasthan. Due to its vast free landmass and proper wind flow, Rajasthan has been the best suited place for some kiting activities. Parasailing is one of them in which one has to tow themselves behind a vehicle which could be a car, truck or boat and can enjoy the view of Rajasthan’s scenic beauty. If you are in any of the aforementioned places of Rajasthan, you should give it a go.


  • Location :Jaisalmer & Jodhpur.
  • Best time : September to February.

It is one of the flying above-the-ground recreational activities that will rejuvenate your enthusiastic spirit by letting you experience the vast landmass touching the horizon flying under that blue sky. You can have a paragliding kit in which you will be given to wear the necessary protective costumes before you get in your paraglider which is a lightweight and foot-launched aircraft with no rigid hardware attached to it. If you are in Rajasthan, you need to experience this sport that will help you admire the beauty of Rajasthan more by soaring above the ground.

Zip Line

  • Location :Jaipur & Jodhpur.
  • Best time : Throughout the year.

Zip line is a recreational sport activity that you will find gaining popularity among those adventurous enthusiasts more and more due to the fact, it provides you with a thrilling experience looking at those lakes, fort and palaces above the ground and a bit adrenaline rush turns the whole experience into an unforgettable memory. Zip Line is an activity in which you will hang yourself in a pulley suspended on a cable and glide from a point of high ground to another end of it. You will really have fun and a memorable experience-- give it a try while you are in Jaipur or Jodhpur.

Water Sports

  • Location :Ramgarh Lake near Jaipur, Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur, Siliserh Lake in Alwar and Gomati River in Udaipur (for rafting).
  • Best time : April to June and October to March.

One might think Rajasthan is just a land that houses only the giant Thar desert, but there is more to that. It is not a land of desert, but a land of lake and river as well. Udaipur is known as the Lake city of Rajasthan as one can see many natural and artificial lakes in and around the city. You can experience some aqua sport activities which would definitely make you feel great. Boating, gliding and rafting are some water sports in the list to choose from.


  • Location :Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur, Pushkar, Khejarla and Mount Abu.
  • Best time : October to March .

You will definitely get a different feeling if you try exploring the terrain of Rajasthan in a bike rather than in a car. It is much more fun to experience it in a group riding bicycles and stopping and clicking the eye catching picturesque while passing by different terrains. If you are in a group, it is worth giving a try.


Theater in Rajasthan

Be a part of the rich culture and traditions of Rajasthan showcased through this amazing art form.

Theater in Rajasthan

The name “Rajasthan” is enough to tell you the story of those Palaces, Havelis, Forts, Foods with lots of colorful traditions, festivals, dance forms blended and bonded with an everlasting invigorating cultural heritage. Rajasthan means the place of kings(Raja means king and sthan means place). It’s true that this place witnessed and embraced the virtue and valor of many kings and the history still speaks of those battles that were fought in its ground without losing any of its cultural value till now. The kings of Rajasthan used to live a luxurious and healthy life with all kind of entertainment even thought they had not any technology we have now. If you are in Rajasthan, then along with visiting some popular tourist destinations, don’t forget to experience some of those folk and traditional dances shown in some theaters and concerts.

Here are some of the popular theaters and concerts you should not miss when you're in Rajasthan.

The Queen Harish Show

  • Location : Suthar Para, Jaisalmer & Rajasthan.
  • Best time :8am–11pm.

You will surely get smitten by Queen Harish’s consummate performance in the middle of the great Thar desert under the twinkling stars and cool breeze. Queen Harish is quite experienced who knows how to create a mesmerizing ambience by blending the present-day Bollywood dance form with the colorful and exquisite Rajasthani traditional dance style. You will never see the same dance everyday as the Queen appears at her own will with different costume adorned with luring ornaments.

The interesting thing that would leave you dumbfounded is that Queen Harish is not a lady dancing in the desert, rather he is the Master Harish who camouflages himself so well that it appears that you are watching a typical Rajasthani lady. The audience enjoy and involve themselves in every beats of Queen Harish commendable performance.

If you are in Jaisalmer, don’t forget to get a glimpse of Queen Harish’s performance.

Dharohar Folk Dance

  • Location :23/186 Parshwanath Colony Near SavinaVatika, Bhagwat, Udaipur & Rajasthan.
  • Best time :9:30 am – 5:30 pm .

If you want to get immersed yourself and experience a real and lively traditional Rajasthani folk dance form, then you should spare some of your time and visit this place in Udaipur.

It is indeed stupendous to see the lady performing the balancing pots act by putting them over her head. In one hour of show, you can enjoy the compilation of most of the dance forms belong to different regions of Rajasthan. To experience the whole season with comfort, you need to arrive there earlier to get the first-row seats as the show is house full pretty much every day.

BharatiyaLok Kala Mandal

  • Location :Panchawati Road Opp Yes Bank, Chetak Cir, Udaipur, Rajasthan.
  • Best time :9am–5:30pm.

Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal is a cultural and art institution situated in Udaipur and its motto is to display different dance and art forms in front of audience so that the antiquity will still be singing and reverberating the legacy of Indian colorful cultural heritage. In one hour of show duration, you can get an experience of quite a bit of Indian traditional and folk dances of Rajasthan and other nearby states by some experienced artists. The puppet show will charm you and is very entertaining.

Don’t miss it if you are an art and cultural prodigy and even if you are not, you will still enjoy the show to the fullest.

Sayari Gypsy Culture Centre

  • Location :Chandpol, Udaipur & Rajasthan.
  • Best time :11am–10:30pm.

Rajasthan is the place where the great Thar desert is located which is and used to be the place of residence of Gypsy people. They have their own folk and traditional dance to entertain themselves along with earning their bread and butter by displaying their rich and colorful Gypsy art and dance style.

Sayri Gypsy Cultural center provides them a platform to perform their dance and art style and help them earning their livelihood. You will surely enjoy their unique style of dance and music which is a worth experiencing performance if you are in Udaipur.

To experience the richness of the Rajasthani culture and heritage, you need to visit these places where the unsung stories of history have been worded by the experienced artists which, in fact, is mesmerizing!


Wildlife Safari

Ranthambore: - Behold the magnificent Bengal Tiger in its natural surroundings.

Wildlife Safari
  • Location :Ranthambore, Rajasthan
  • Approx. visit duration :5 days
  • Top attractions :Wild life with its serenity
  • Entry timing :
    Months Morning Safari Evening Safari
    1st February to 31st March 6.30 AM to 10.00 AM 2.30 PM to 6.00 PM
    1st April to 15th May 6.00 AM to 9.30 AM 3.00 PM to 6.30 PM
    16th May to 30th June 6.00 AM to 9.30 AM 3.30 PM to 7.00 PM
    1st November to 31st January 7.00 AM to 10.00 AM 2.00 PM to 5.30 PM

What do you see when you think of the royal forts and gigantic kingdoms? You visualize the kingdom of Rajput, rusty red forts, crowded with culture and tradition the village markets, men and women in their traditional attires may come across on our mind. However, this place is not confined to just that. Take a deeper look into the wildlife of Rajasthan where the animals play free in their many Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks. Rajasthan couldn’t be more amazing and fascinating place to start. The experience and beauty of spotting wild animals out in the open is only done best by taking jungle safaris and if you are looking for a wildlife trip to spend with your loved ones this year, then a tour of the wildness of Rajasthan offers the best expedition to treat your travelers’ soul.

About Ranthambore

Ranthambore is one of the leading wildlife safari destination of the country and one of the largest and the most amazing wild life parks in Rajasthan. The park is located in the SawaiMadhopur district of Rajasthan and is quite famous among wildlife enthusiasts who want to get a deeper experience at the beautiful and majestic Royal Bengal Tigers. A tiger safari into the dense forest will offer immense pleasure to the nature lovers. You get to witness the majestic wild cats as well as other animals and plant species. Though this national park is known for its tiger population, it is also a home to other animal species such as sloth bears, hyenas, wild boars, sambars, nilgai and leopards.

Other Activities

While you are inside the national park touring and enjoying the wild life safari trip, you can also spend time exploring Ranthambore Fort. Built inside its approximately 7 km long fortified walls are temples, houses, palaces, cenotaphs, and sepulchers. A trip to the fort has two important benefits. First, you get to the historic architecture of the Fort and second, you are able to closely get in conversation with the wild creatures of the park. The magnificent beauty along with the forest view is awe-inspiring to gaze upon.

How to Reach

The closest airport and railway station is Jaipur International Airport (153 km). It is easily accessible and is convenient for all the inter-state travelers.

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