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Rajasthan is well-known all over the world for its colorful culture, interesting customs and vast history. Tourists throng this scenic town to visit forts, palaces, mansions, etc. By opting a cultural tour package of Rajasthan, you can view the major tourist spots of the famous cities in Rajasthan. You can also enjoy camel ride and camping in deserts with these tours. Moreover, one can also join in folk music and dance performances, shop for handicrafts in the local markets and feast the taste buds with some lip-smacking dishes. In other terms, it can be asserted that Rajasthan epitomized the deep-rooted beliefs and traditions of India. travel-Rajasthan offers you a wide range of cultural tour packages so that you can make your choice and make the most of your vacations in Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan is well-known for its colorful culture in all over the world.

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Rajasthan is counted amongst the top tourist destinations of India due to its enriched history and cultural heritage. It is primarily known to be the place of several kings, Rajputs, and royals. Not only for the Indians but also for foreigners, Rajasthan is a fantastic tourist spot because of the presence of forts, palaces, temples, mountains, etc. symbolizing its remarkable historical significance. The state’s colourfulness is signified with some of its most renowned festivals like the Camel Festival, Kite Festival...

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Rajasthan is very much popular for its colourful history and royal life of the state. This state used to be the home of the Kings, princes, and the Rajputs. For this reason, Rajasthan was popularly known as the “Land of the Kings” or the “Country of the Rajputs”. For a historian, this state is like a gold mine as it houses several royal palaces and forts to explore. In simple words, the state of Rajasthan attracts several tourists from all over the world primarily due to its traditions, people, culture, and not to...

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A trip to the desert would be incomplete without a camel safari across the seemingly endless expanse of the sandy terrain. With Rajasthan being the ultimate desert state of India, a trip to this cultural oasis will only feel complete by availing a camel safari. Camel Safari Tour Package of Rajasthan is crafted exclusively for those who want to explore Rajasthan traditionally and indulge in adventures. It’s not only about the camel ride but the tour also includes an exotic platter of Rajasthani cuisine, traditional ..

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India is a land of history, magnificence, and glory. While exploring the Golden Triangle of India (consisting of three cities - Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi), you get to witness the stunning beauty of Indian terrains. While touring these three cities you get a chance to marvel the beautiful architecture of the monuments built by the Rajputs and Mughals and soak in the beauty of these exotic Indian locations. Additionally, you get the chance to meet the mighty Royal Bengal Tigers up close at Ranthambore National ...

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Rajasthan spells royalty and it instantly gives you a graphic view of majestic city roads with stately buildings. Adventure stories of Rajasthan have no end, and just like that, the name itself will remind you of age-old history, heritage, evolving culture, stories of bravery and war, giving you flashbacks all at once. Rajasthan has some of the most astonishing locations to visit. The alluring heritage in Rajasthan has an unmatched significance and charm to attract tourists from all around the world. Located...

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Rajasthan stays one of the most popular destinations in India. Travelers book Rajasthan tour packages for an indulgent tour experience through traveling the most vibrant National parks dotted here. ‘Rajasthan vacation Tour with Taj Mahal’ treats you with the same. If you are looking for Rajasthan vacation package to visit national parks of this sovereign country, then this tour is uniquely crafted for you...

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