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Gawk at the antiquities in the art galleries

The diversity and vivacity of Rajasthan are well evident through its art and culture. The rich and varied heritage of Rajasthan can also be seen in the artwork of the artisans. Local artists and craftsmen have managed to combine the history of Maharajas and urban development of India by preserving the artefacts and relic in the art galleries. The customs and traditions are preserved and are evident through the folklore motifs and allusions treasured in the art galleries. One can find several art galleries in the state but the popular ones are Gallery Artchill in Jaipur, Kamal Sharma Art Gallery in Udaipur, Naila Art Gallery in Jaipur, Adroit Art Gallery in Jodhpur, etc.


Gallery Artchill, Jaipur.

True to its name, this gallery presents some really inetersting artwork for you to enjoy.

Gallery Artchill, Jaipur.

Jaipur is renowned for its culture, and the art galleries present in here are the heart of it. Gallery Artchill is one of the most significant Modern and Contemporary Art galleries in India.

  • Entry Fee : Free.
  • Location : Amer Fort, Jaipur.
  • Entry Timing : All week from 8AM - 6PM.
  • Approx visit duration : 1 hour.
  • Top attractions : Artifacts from one of the finest artists of Indian artifacts Ashok Choyal.

About the Gallery

It is situated in the west wing of the iconic Amber fort, which was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO along with six other forts in Rajasthan. Gallery Artchill exudes the truest sense of Indian culture with its artworks. Artifacts here include sculptures, paintings, 3-D arts etc. which are worth a watch owing to their exquisite charm and resplendence. This art lovers' Elysium was founded in 1994 by Sangeeta Juneja and it flourished under her tutelage.


This art gallery conflates creations from newbie promising artists with one of the finest in the business and that's what makes it a perfect blend. Since the time it came into existence, it has successfully organized 132 Art shows which were graced by eminent personalities from around the globe.

The Gallery is also a keen participant in the International Art Affairs and thus helps in promoting Indian arts. To put in a nutshell, Gallery Nutshell is a must visit if you are in near vicinity of Amer Fort. 'India- The Revealed Mysteries" - a multimedia exhibition was showcased by Gallery Artchill at Venice in association with the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2014.

It was jointly conducted exhibition by Sangeeta Juneja and Italian curator Sandro Orlandi. Moreover, the Gallery introduced Art Exchange Program with a vision to bloom the Indian artefacts across borders. This initiative has surely contributed to keep the traditional Indian creations alive and have the people cherish them.

If you are in Jaipur, then this place must feature on your list for places to visit.


Naila Art Gallery

You will enjoy the amazing collections on display at this gallery. If the art of painting interests you.

Naila Art Gallery.
  • Entry Fee : Not specified.
  • Location : Naila Bagh Palace.
  • Entry Timing : Not specified.
  • Approx visit duration : 1 hour.
  • Top attractions : Works from eminent artist Thakur Dushyant Singh and others.

About the Gallery

Naila Art Gallery plays a viral role in being an overall cultural heritage to the "Naila Bagh Palace". Naila Art Gallery offers some great piece of attractive work from artists Thakur Dushyant Singh & Thakurani Usha Singh. There are some masterpieces situated within the Naila Art Gallery which are eye-catching and are there to catch the attention of your hidden art-loving self.

The ambience has serenity, and a sense of tranquil always holds the place in its truest sense that it can be. The work has all the gamut ranging from heritage stuff to abstract artefacts. Being situated in the heart of the Naila Bagh Palace, it provides the artists with the best opportunity to come up with new ideas and be enamored by the beauty of art at the same time.

Naila Art Gallery continuously strives to provide the ambience that is art-promoting. It aims to have the subsequent generations have the luxury to enjoy the cultural heritage and harmony by providing conducive conditions.

If you wish to appreciate some artistic marvels in a peaceful setting, then this place is a must visit for you.


Royal Rajasthan Art Gallery

Be prepared to behold some intriguing sights on your visit to this splendid place.

Royal Rajasthan Art Gallery
  • Entry Fee : No.
  • Location : B-17 B Chomu house, C scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001.
  • Entry Timing : Not specified.
  • Approx visit duration : 1 to 2 Hours.
  • Top attractions : Carvings and sculptures as well as handicrafts up on sale to embellish your households!

Royal Rajasthan Art Gallery is amongst the important art galleries present in Jaipur, a city which accounts for highest tourist footfall in India. This gallery is particularly known for its uniqueness of being a vendor of riveting household decorations while being the gallery that it is, wherein one can even shop for lifestyle and interior pieces.

If you find traditional Indian handworks fascinating, this is the place to tread to. This Gallery is home to sundry of paintings and handicrafts which would surely thrill you and making you in awe of the artists' brilliance. The ambience here is amazing and this gallery has a feel-good factor attached to it. It feels you up with the avidity and alacrity.

The creations here give out a strong inkling of the typical Indian culture in a positive way and helps deliver the concept and significance of it. This place has been visited by revered figures from all over India and abroad.

Shop-like milieu along with array of artefacts is one of the distinct features of this scintillating place. It is indeed one of the tourist attractions owing to its rich cultural exhibition. The paintings here are from artists who have achieved finesse in their domain and are known for standing out of their contemporaries.

If you are an art lover, then this place is a must visit for you.


Samanvai Art Gallery

A must visit place if you wish to watch amazing artwork from some of the best artists under one roof.

Samanvai Art Gallery
  • Entry Fee : No.
  • Location : 351, 3rd Floor, Ganpati Plaza, MI road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001.
  • Entry Timing : 11 am onwards.
  • Approx visit duration : 1 - 1.5 hours.
  • Top attractions : Abounding amount books along with invaluable artefacts.

Samanvai Art Gallery was established in 2003 in the heart of the Pink City. It is an exquisite gallery with works of emerging talents contained. The gallery accounts for more than 600 Indian paintings in oil, watercolor and other forms. Since its inception, this Gallery hankers to be a protagonist of the upcoming artists, and thus promotes their work by encouraging and endorsing their exhibitions. One such instance which substantiates this argument is the successful solo exhibition of artist Mario Prencipe.

The gallery has been quite successful in its endeavors to keep the authentic Rajasthani traditional architecture intact and burgeoning. Due to the qualities aforementioned, this gallery is a cynosure of attention amongst art enthusiasts and globetrotters. Different colours and captivating aspects of art & diversity are well felt in the paintings and carvings here because of the creations being created from artists hailing from disparate geographical regions of India.

Samanvai also has a galore of academically-rich textual books which is a dream come true for scholarly souls. They have the books in a humongous amount, so it is a must visit if you are an innate bibliophile. This Gallery provides a great opportunity to the young aspiring artists to showcase their skills and deftness to their targeted audience as it helps having solo exhibitions for not-so-renowned artists too. Samanvai aims to promote art in the best way possible, and thus its goal is to conduct art exhibitions across the globe. It yearns to get the people attending the exhibitions have cognizance and admiration towards the sheer beauty of art.

It is a place where you find the feel of yore and ancient times, and thus it would allow you take time off your hectic and humdrum routine.

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