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Delve into the sand dunes through camel safari

A trip to Rajasthan is absolutely incomplete without a camel safari. The princely state of Rajasthan is endowed with panoramic vistas, which can be best explored while sitting on the hump of a camel, the ship of the desert. You can enjoy spending time in the famous Great Indian Desert/Thar Desert where you can not only walk down the golden sands but you can also relish in the cultural performances given by folk dancers and musicians. Since tourists flock the state owing to the extraordinary experience of Camel Safari, travel-Rajasthan offers exciting camel safari tours so that you can have a memorable time with your loved ones. These tours also include sightseeing of major tourist attractions and camping under the starlit sky in deserts. In a nutshell, these tours are the best to please you in a royal style. Go through our series of camel safari tours and make your choice.

Rajasthan Camel Safari Tour Packages


Go through our series of camel safari tours

Jaipur-Pushkar-Bikaner-see more

A trip to the desert would be incomplete without a camel safari across the seemingly endless expanse of the sandy terrain. With Rajasthan being the ultimate desert state of India, a trip to this cultural oasis will only feel complete by availing a camel safari. Camel Safari Tour Package of Rajasthan is crafted exclusively for those who want to explore Rajasthan traditionally and indulge in adventures. It’s not only about the camel ride but the tour also includes an exotic platter of Rajasthani cuisine, traditional ..

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Delhi-Mandawa-Pushkar-see more

Pushkar Fair organized in a town called Pushkar in Rajasthan more than five days is the biggest camel and cattle fair of the nation. With round 50,000 camels gathered in a single area, that is the biggest camel truthful in the world. These animals are added collectively to be offered and sold as well as exhibited. Although cattle buying and selling is one of the number one functions of this fare, religious pilgrimage is the other. Moreover, because the tourist cost of this truth is without a doubt...

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Delhi-Mandawa-Bikaner-see more

An annual competition in honour of the Camels, 'Ship of the Desert,' organized utilizing the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, in Bikaner. Considering the position and significance of camels on Rajasthan's good sized unfriendly terrain, because of the beginning of the barren region civilization, it's far actually a rightful attempt. Thousands of foreign and Indian travellers migrate to the deserts of Bikaner to experience with Bikaner Camel Festival Vacation Package at their high-quality - as the ...

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