Galtaji Temple, Jaipur

Have one of a kind enlightening and spiritual experience at this holy place!

Galtaji Temple, Jaipur
  • Entry Fee : No
  • Location : Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  • Entry Timing : 5 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Approx. visit duration : visit duration: Whole day.
  • Top Attractions of the monument/place : Galtakund along with other kunds.

Historical Significance

Galtaji, situated within Aravalli mountains is not just a single temple but comprises of a series of temples. It is like a whole small town within itself. Galtaji is approximately 16 to 17 kilometres distance from the Jaipur airport, which will be around 30-45 minutes’ drive.

The Galtaji includes Hanuman Ji Temple also known as Monkey temple, Galtaji Park, Sri Gyan Gopal Ji Temple, Balaji Marriage Garden, Sri Sitaram Ji Temple, Raman Acharya Temple, PayohariGufa, ZenanaKund (Ladies pool), GaltaKund (The main Pool), Sri Paapada Hanuman Ji Temple, Galav Rishi Temple, MaidhKshitriyaDharamshala (Guest House), GaltajiDham, Sri Ram mandir, Sri Veer Hanuman Ji Temple, Sun Temple and Monkey mountain. Galtaji is spread across a vast area as you might have understood by the list of temples and monuments there. If planning on visiting this place, then it is a must to dedicate an entire day to it so that you can take in so much spirituality properly.

About the Temple

GaltaKund, it is a huge pool which is considered to be sacred and holy. People believe that it is very fortunate to dive in that pool. Actually, there are seven such pools but the GaltaKund is considered to be the most divine of them all. Another interesting one is the Monkey Temple, it is named so because of the large number of monkeys in those areas and this is why was the suggestion given above!

The interior of the place is spectacular. The walls are beautifully carved with designs and then painted as well. The paintings done on the walls shows antient stories of the Gods and goddesses. The carvings and the paintings are not just limited to the walls but the ceilings too. While walking in the hallways and passages within the place one can forget the fact that it is temple, you can start feeling that you are walking in a historic castle or a royal palace. The whole place is surrounded by beautiful sceneries.

One can feel the closeness with nature being in that place. The environment around is calming as well as refreshing at the same time. The refreshment of the natural springs, the hugeness of the mountains, the openness of the wind blowing around, the spirituality from the temples and the ancientness of the architecture. All these combinations blend greatly with each other leaving you with an amazing feeling and energy!

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