Sariska Palace

Behold the vision of fascinating place in Alwar.

Sariska Palace
  • Entry Fee : No.
  • Location : Alwar, Rajasthan.
  • Entry Timing : 24 hours.
  • Top Attractions of the monument/place : Bhangarh Fort, Sariska wildlife reserve etc.

Originally, the palace was built by legendary Maharaja Jai Singh for giving a grand welcome to the Duke of Connaught, who is also Son of Queen Victoria. The impressive architecture of the palace and the décor has been appreciated by many guests till date.

It is said that since the palace was in very close proximity to the forest, “now tiger reserve and wildlife sanctuary” the balconies of the palace were used for hunting during the ancient period. In fact, the palace was constructed as a resting place during the hunting session of the king and his special guests.

The legend of Maharaja is known by all as he is known for a famous tale when he purchased 7- Rolls Royce and used them for cleaning the city; hence to make the visit of Duke of Connaught he arranged an architect from a foreign country to give the palace a blend of Indian and French architecture.

Splendid craft and painting are placed all over the palace and are maintained till date which definitely is a royal experience for the guests of the hotel.

Main attractions:

Accomplished with a huge dining hall which can accommodate 80 people at one time, the palace has an aura of royal life and elegance. Open air lawn service and also bar for a variety of drinks, the hotel has managed to keep the standard of its founder the legend Maharaja Jai Singh.

Managed and preserved for over 10 centuries, the town of Alwar is surrounded by many temples and wildlife. Apart from the Hindu temple, the town has many Jain religion temples as well. With many sculptures and beautifully crafted statues, the temples have successfully shown the legends of the kings and their keen interest in the ancient craft.

The Aravali ranges on its own are a magnificent site and it becomes better when one can see it during a camel ride. Camel safari organized by the hotel for its guests to view local area and places, the hotel also makes sure for the comfort of their guests by providing sufficient drinks and food during the safari.

Accomplished with highly efficient amenities such as Spa, bars, tennis courts, etc. the Sariska Palace has been successfully making the stay of their guests as a royal visit.

Nearest tourist sites:

  • Sariska tiger reserve : stretch over an area of 866 km sq. this national park was a hunting preserve of the Alwar state. The area was declared a wildlife reserve in the year 1955 and was declared as a national park by Indian Government in the year 1988. Lying in laps of Aravali Hills the reserved has an abundant amount of minerals such as copper.
  • Naldeshwar temple : located near Alwar-Jaipur highway, this 18th-century temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is surprisingly located amidst the magical greenery and ponds which is something new for the state of Rajasthan. One can reach the temple either by trekking or by stairs. For all adventure loving tourists trekking has given an extremely nice experience.
  • Bhangarh Fort : regarded as one of the most haunted places in India, this Fort is very famous for its ghost stories. Built by Man Singh I for his grandson Madho Singh I in the 17th century in Alwar, Fort is also known as Bhoot Bangla. The fort consists of many temples, havelis, and palaces. There are four main gates for entering into the Fort, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi gate, Phulbari gate, and Lahori gate. There are two different speculations about the haunting history of Bhangarh Fort. Some believe that there was a sage who had asked the residents of place not to build any house which can shadow his small house, one of the kings defied this request and made a palace and hence the sage cursed for the tragic death. While others believe that a tantric used a trap of black magic for the princes of Bhangarh which failed and eventually the tantric was sent to jail and there he cursed the city.
  • Bala Quila Fort : Built by Hasan Khan Mewati in the 15th century, the fort is also known as Alwar fort. There is only one road which connects fort to the Alwar city, the gate is called as Laxman Pole. It was captured by Kachhwaha Rajput Pratap Singh in 1755 AD and thereafter he founded the city Alwar. The Fort has 6 gates which are called Jai Pol, Suraj Pol, Laxman Pol, Chand Pol, Krishen Pol, and Andheri gate. Each wall is crafted with unique sculptures and ancient craft.

How to reach:

The nearest railway station is Alwar railway station which is around 37 km away and the nearest airport is Jaipur airport which is 120 km away.

Best time to visit:

Since the trip requires lots of outing as well as adventures the best months to visit the palace is October to march, these are the coolest month in Rajasthan.

Accommodation facilities:

The palace has highly accomplished royal suites with all the necessary amenities giving a royal look, as these are the room where once kings lived along with their queens.

There are other rooms as well with well accomplished facilities. Other perks of staying in the palace are huge bars, dining hall, swimming pool and lawns.

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