Rohet Garh Fort

Come and experience amazing hospitality at this architectural marvel !

Rohet Garh Fort
  • Entry Fee : Yes.
  • Location : Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
  • Entry Timing : Any Time.
  • Approx. visit duration : 4-5 Days.
  • Top Attractions of the monument/place : Safari, Horse Riding, Bird Watching.


RohetGarh fort is situated in the state of Rajasthan in India just outside the city of Jodhpur.The Rohet fort is a classical heritage structure and one of the major landmarks in the city of Jodhpur. It has been the seat of residence to the royal family of Rathores since the 16th century and now has been converted into a heritage hotel.

One can find the hotel in the north-west-Indian frontier of Rajasthan in Rohat, which is 38 km from Jodhpur, near the MaaLaxmi Temple and RankawatSamajBhavan, Rohat. Rohet Garh is situated in near proximity of the Great Thar Desert, and built on the banks of a small lake. This place offers plenty of amusements and the unique experience of a truly royal retreat in the setting of a rural atmosphere. The place tempts you with its perfectly manicured garden with its colourful flowers, rare plants and other magnificent birds which also includes the dancing peacocks. The beautiful verandas and lounges are perfect for visitors to laze around and enjoy the magnificent view.

Since it is an ancestral seat, you get a glimpse of the royal lifestyle and the palace architecture with its cream-coloured cupolas, beautifully painted mosaics and murals, the cosy alcoves, the sunny terrace with a view of the lake and the pavilion-lined pool. The magnificence and serenity of the place makes it one of the most perfect getaways.


There are thirty-two rooms including six suits which are all air conditioned and spacious. They are all tastefully decorated with beautifully carved ornate ceilings, traditional lamps, carpets and oil paintings. The rooms are uniquely different from each other by theme and the frescoes which adorn the wall. In addition to the private rooms the Rohat Garh also offers

  • Seating area to relax ,
  • The verandah that offers a great view,
  • A barbecue area,
  • The children's playground,
  • Spa centre which offers ayurvedic massages
  • The indoor pool
  • The royal library

The hotel also offers spectacular signature experiences which increase the attractiveness of the place.

Village Safaris

Pioneered in 1989, The Village Safari still remains the hotel’s main highlight. It is a cultural experience, which showcases the best of the land and all that this region has to offer. The guests have the privilege of being welcomed into the local people’s homes and understand their culture and lifestyle.

The Bishnois are the local people who have protected the nature for more than 500 years and have a very big hand in the survival of species like the Black Buck antelope which is now a protectedspecies. They share a beautiful relationship with the antelopes and humans completely trusting each other. The tour is only possible because the host family share a special relationship with the local people of the various communities, enabling access into every home visited.

Equestrian Program

The Rathore family’s passion for horses goes back many generations. Some of the greatest fighters in the history of Marwar were born to this distinguished family, and the Jagir of Rohet was given to the greatest amongst them all, Thakur Dalpat Singh II, for his bravery and conquests in various military campaigns under the Rathore banner. In modern days, the Rathore family is recognised for its outstanding horse and polo players and their contribution to Jodhpur’s Polo team. A member of the Rathore family, Dalpat Singhji played a pivotal role in the Jodhpur polo team’s many victories.

Today Rohat Garh are patrons of their own horse, the Marwari! This indigenous horse belongs to theThar Desert. The horse is bold and fearless horse, magnificent in its beauty and loyal unto death. These horses have somewhat of a legendary status as they were rides of the Rajput warriors and tales of the bravery and loyalty are abounded.

Today Rohet Garh has one of the finest stables of the Marwari horse in the country. The horses are schooled by the owner himself. The horse’s beautiful and free flowing gait makes it a delight to ride.Rohet Garh has an extensive tailor-made equestrian program ranging from an hour long morning ride to a six days’/nights’ riding safari which includes exploring the region of western Rajasthan around Rohet and is a great cultural experience, which gives an insight into rich culture and traditions of this region of Marwar as well as a unique way of observing the wild life.

This region of western Rajasthan is almost a perfect riding country with its semi arid shrub and bush vegetation, wide, open spaces and soft terrain. Passing through the villages one gets to experience the hospitality and warmth of the people of Marwar.

The region is surprisingly rich in wildlife. Herds of the rare famous Black Buck antelope, the Blue Bull antelope and the petite Chinkara are very commonly viewed. The region is also very rich in bird life with over 200 different species.

The hotel offers overnight accommodation during the horseback safaris including The Rohet Wilderness Camp and Mihir Garh. On the longer rides, accommodation is also provided in mobile tents which are furnished with two full sized beds, luggage stands, lounge chairs and tables and attached bathrooms. Visitors are required to have a basic riding ability and recommended to carry their own gear.

The hotel also provides a culinary workshop in which guests can receive training in Rajasthani food and get to taste their own food.

During the winter months, the hotel is a haven for bird watchers as the region hosts over 200 species. Watchers are providing with a bicycle, a picnic basket and a local guide for a great experience. For those who would like to experience the royal lifestyle, the hotel provides a royal picnic complete with liveried attendants and every comfort for the ultimate experience.

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