Gajner Palace

An absolutely magnanimous structure, this fort offers you an insight into the history of Rajasthan as well as some spectacular views.

Gajner Palace
  • Entry Fee : Yes
  • Location : Bikaner, Rajasthan.
  • Top Attractions of the monument/place : Amazing architecture and excellent hospitality.

The Gajner palace is situated in Thar desert of Bikaner district in Rajasthan, India. This great palace is built on the shores of a lake which makes its view really flattering. This palace is spread over 6000 acres. It's fabulous location and calm environment makes it a perfect place to find peace. You can explore lots of things here, the boat rides, desert safaris, nature walks, sanctuary dinners and much more. The brilliant architecture and the domes that have been built with reddish stones is flattering.

This palace has been recognised as a heritage site. This palace hosts and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.You can experience the life of a prince or princess living in this extraordinary palace. This palace also hosts evening shows that are really amazing. There are well maintained gardens to hang out and relax. The beautifully decorated camel rides are also a great attraction. You can enjoy these camel rides at a very little price.

This palace has been turned into a luxurious hotel and is currently under ownership of HRH group of hotels.This palace is serving as a hotel since 1976. This palace has numerous terraces that gives a picturesque view. This palace has four wings named as Dungar Niwas, Mandir Chowk, Gulab Niwas and Champa Niwas.

There are a total of 13 historic suites. These suites are well maintained and preserved. The carved pillars , curtains, wooden crafted furniture and antique paintings are a great example of craftsmanship.You can also have a look at the king's and queen's belongings that have been preserved in the palace itself.

History of Gajner palace

The Gajner palace was built by Raja Ganga Singh. The main purpose of building this palace was that it will serve as a hunting resort for both King and British people during the days of British Raj in India. Now, this palace is serving as a luxury hotel for tourists across the world. This majestic palace has hosted many dignitaries such as Prince of whales during 1905, the governor general lord Elgin and Erwin during 1927, Lord Mountbatten who had been the viceroy of India during British raj. The imperial sand grouse shooting was the one of the major events during Christmas season at this palace. This majestic palace has also traces of the historic railway station that was built in 1922 in order to establish its connectivity to the main cities. Even after so many years the palace has not lost its charm and elegance.

Things to keep in mind

Since in Rajasthan, where gajner palace is situated mostly have a hot weather, so wisely choose the time to visit this palace. You must choose a comfortable and light attire. As this palace has been converted into a luxurious hotel so you can book a room within the premises. It is advised that you must carry the important things such as a map, water bottle and other things whenever you step out of the palace.

Guides availability

You can hire guides that can speak your language in a very affordable price. A lots of companies provide guide services in your desired budget. If you doesn't want to spend some extra money in hiring a guide, you can find a lot of local people who will voluntarily show you places around.

Best Time to Visit

Summers are not at all ideal to visit this place as during that time the temperature is highly extreme and sometime sudden showers can ruin your plans of stepping out. Due to its hot weather it is advised that you must visit this palace during the winter season that is in between late october to early march.

How you can reach

By air, you can reach the nearest airport which is named as Nal airport in case you are traveling through air. By train,the state has well connected railway system. The city of Bikaner is also well connected with other cities around it such as Lalgarh. By road, you can easily get a bus or taxi if you are thinking of travelling via road. The autos are also available that can take you to the gajner palace in affordable cost.

Nearby attractions to explore

There are many nearby attractions that one can explore. The gajner wildlife sanctuary is a hub to many wild animals and birds. This sanctuary is a must for wildlife enthusiasts. The Junagarh fort which is famous for its royal art and paintings is situated closeby to the gajner palace. The Karni Mata temple, Laxmi nath and ratan Bihari temple will give you an insight in to spirituality and hindu religion. The prachina museum which is very famous for royal antiques and armour is also a great way to explore the rich history and heritage of Rajasthani culture. There are many nearby markets that you can explore for traditional clothing and crafts.

Nearby Restaurants to eat

There are nearby restaurants that are famous for their traditional dishes. The hang around zone is one such restaurant, you can hang out here and there is also a gaming zone present to keep your children entertained. The Bhikharam Chandmal Bhujiawala restaurant is very famous for its sweetmeats and has been awarded a certificate for its excellent food beverages. You can also visit the famous Sammy pizza restaurant for pizza’s that are filled with pop colours.

The GajnerPalace is a perfect place to experience the royalty of old times and the rich traditional experience of Rajasthani culture. You can explore antique paintings, have camel rides, have tasty food and much more.

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