Castle Bijapur

Located in the historic town of Bijapur, this is a must visit place for every history lover.

Castle Bijapur
  • Location : Bijaipur, Bassi, Chittorgarh.
  • Approx. visit duration : Stay can be as long as the guest wishes.
  • Top Attractions of the monument/place : Cultural evenings, internal and external activities like safari.

Castle Bijaipur is a 16th century castle built by younger brother of the great warrior Maharana Pratap, Rao Shakti Singhji. It is located at the banks of river Kwari. It was built for protection against the invading Mughals and Martha armies. The present ruler of the castle Rao Saheb Narendra Singh Ji converted this royal castle into a ravishing heritage hotel for visitors to experience the Mewar customs.


It is located in the Vindhyanchal Hills with serene green locations around it. The castle is surrounded by forests of Flame of the Forest and the breathtaking farmland the valley of Jaracanda. This place is visited to experience the first hand Rajasthani hospitality. This palace is epitome of comfort, luxury, nature, and enchanting serene locations. This place combines the traditional Indian lifestyles with the modern western lifestyle. The ruling family still resides in the palace and the main reason why this property makes every guest at ease and gives them a sense of homely environment. The evenings here are blessed with rooftop view of the moonlit forests and plains. Guests are praise for the extreme polite accommodation and tranquil experience of the whole region of Bijaipur. The simple lifestyle of the subjects living in harmony with their own farmlands, livestock are part of the serene visit to the village of Bijaipur.


The d├ęcor of the castle reflects the past era and the generations of the ruling family. The artifacts and antiques along with the treatment by the host speak of the Rajasthani culture and life. The rooms are well-furnished with luxurious amenities. The interior decorations are the face of heritage and show hint of western culture. The guests are treated like family and friends making the place welcoming.


The spacious dining area has an attached bar to it. Here authentic Indian and Rajasthani cuisines are available. These hearty meals are a must have when you are a guest at the castle. The guests here are offered with many recreational activities like angling and fly fishing, bird watching, trekking, camping, jungle safari, boat safari, horse safari, swimming pool. There royal dances and music provided during dining for the most royal dining experience. Yoga and meditation centers equipped with well trained instructors are one of the unique features of the retreat experience here at Castle Bijaipur. Table tennis areas, cooking classes for learning traditional rajsthani meals and also cultural evenings filled with colorful music and dances.

The nearest railway is Chittorgarh which is 40 kms away to this serene gateway. Chittorgarh Fort Menal Temple and Fall and Pangarh- The Lotus Lake are must visit places when on the way to the castle.

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