Mount Abu Summer Festival

Have a look at the cultural extravaganza in Mount Abu.

Mount Abu Summer Festival

Mount Abu
Rajasthan / India

Imbued with tradition and rituals, the Mount Abu Summer Festival is a yearly celebration of the cultural and tribal identification of Rajasthan. It is one of the famous festivals of Rajasthan. It brings warm hospitality and cheerfulness of locals. Amazing culture and location can make the celebration an unforgettable to enjoy. The festival celebrated with boat races, ballads, folk’s dances, competitions, and fireworks.

Mount Abu occurs to be the only hill station in Rajasthan. The hills within the historical past, surrounded using craggy rocks and tranquil lakes, carry this cultural extravaganza to existence. Our guide will help discover you with the dates of the Summer Festival in Mount Abu, a short itinerary of the 2-day fest and how to attain Mount Abu.

History of Mount Abu Summer Festival

Mount Abu linked with mythologies and legend stories. It said that 330 million demi-gods of Hinduism used to visit this hill to carry out Yagna. Summer is the top tourism season. By the quiet of summer, the land conducts all extravaganza to attract tourists, similar to numerous different hill stations around. The starting day of this Festival falls on Buddha Poornima, which adds a spiritual cost to the competition and party.

How is Mount Abu Summer Festival Celebrated?

On day one, the celebration starts evolved with traditional ballad singing. A grand celebration starts at RTDC Hotel Shikhar. Later, human beings gather closer to Nakki Lake to watching cultural performances of Rajasthani and Gujarati folks dance and tune. On the day and 3, numerous local competitions performed like band show, horse racing, skating race, Ghoomar dance, Panihari Matka race, tug of struggle and others. The most vital celebration of all is the Nakki Jheel boat race. The lively culture and extraordinary vicinity make this event an unforgettable experience. The Festival is replete with boat races, ballads, folk dances, competitions, and fireworks.

Major Attractions of Summer Festival

Folk dances and a preferred atmosphere of cheerfulness be successful in this small hill motel, and the vacationers have sufficient time to loosen up and revel. The Summer competition of Rajasthan is a formal dinner of folk and classical tune and a window to the tribal existence and lifestyle of Rajasthan. Some of the unique attractions of the Summer Festival of Rajasthan are dance bureaucracy just like the ballads, Gair, Ghoomar, and Daph people dances, which attract travelers with their grace and variety. The hospitality of the people, their dynamic traditions, and exciting place make this Summer Festival an unforgettable revel in throughout your visit to Mount Abu.

Festivities start from early morning, so it’s an excellent concept to take a cup of tea and the sidewalk cafes for food as those talented locals entertain the morning crowd. Around lunchtime groups of locals and travelers make contributions in boat races along the extraordinary Nakki Lake.

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